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Beyond the Box Score Power Rankings: Week 19

The Angels and Diamondbacks are keeping things interesting for the Rangers and Giants in the western division, and in the NL it seems like the better team might be the one that's currently in second place.

Just as a reminder: some of the things that go into these rankings include runs scored and allowed, run distributions, wOBA, wRC, FIP, xFIP, DRS, UZR, etc., Base Runs, BABIP and HR/FB% adjustments, and our guts

Rank Team Wins Losses Comments
1 Yankees 69 44 Curtis Granderson has scored 100 runs already, and is on pace for 143 - the most in the majors since A-Rod's 143 in 2007.
2 Red Sox 70 43 Dustin Pedroia has almost caught up to Jose Bautista in the fWAR race (6.7 to 6.9), as well as his own career high (6.8).
3 Phillies 74 40 Most wins for a Philly starter over the last month? That would be Vance Worley (4-0). Go figure.
4 Rangers 64 51 Mike Napoli is tied for the major league lead in homers amongst "catchers" with 18 despite only 255 total PA.
5 Cardinals 62 53 Albert Pujols has only walked more than 9.6% of the time in one month this year - only failed twice at that for 2004-2010.
6 Brewers 65 50 Zack Greinke has the largest gap between his ERA (4.21) and xFIP (2.30) in the majors (min. 100 IP).
7 Braves 66 49 Dan Uggla's 28 game hitting streak, during which he's homered 12 times, has him up from a .568 OPS to a .716.
8 Diamondbacks 62 52 After a slightly down 2010, Justin Upton is hitting .295/.371/.541 with 5.2 fWAR this year. Not bad for a 23 year-old.
9 Mets 56 57 Despite only 77 home runs, the Mets have been one of the better hitting teams in the majors (105 wRC+ is 5th).
10 Reds 55 59 Man, if Aroldis Chapman ever learns to throw strikes... 98 mph average fastball, 14 K/9, but 7 BB/9.
11 Angels 63 52 Peter Bourjos has the great glove (+29 UZR/150 career), but could be solid with the bat too if his above average BABIP persists.
12 Rays 59 54 Matt Joyce in April/May: 1.066 OPS with a .416 BABIP. Matt Joyce since: .613 OPS with a .218 BABIP.
13 Blue Jays 58 56 Three games into his major league career, Brett Lawrie has already homered and is hitting .455/.455/.727.
14 Tigers 61 53 Max Scherzer's K/9 has dropped off for a fourth straight season (7.5 now), but he's also improved his control (2.8 BB/9).
15 Giants 63 52 Carlos Beltran in San Francisco: .244/.261/.356 with an 11:1 strike-out to walk ratio and a hurt hand.
16 White Sox 55 58
Over the last month, Jake Peavy has a 2.12 FIP and a 4.31 ERA and a 1-3 record to show for it.
17 Rockies
53 62
Remember when Chris Iannetta wasn't the team's primary catcher? Seems kinda silly now; 124 wRC+ and 3 fWAR.
18 Athletics 51 63 Over the last two weeks, the A's have been the best hitting team in the majors; a .376 wOBA with a .293/.362/.497 batting line.
19 Indians 56 56 Jason Kipnis has been a nice shot in the arm for the offense since his call-up: .240/.321/.580 with 5 homers in 14 games.
20 Dodgers 52 61 Andre Ethier only has 10 home runs this year, in part because he's not hitting the ball in the air all that much.
21 Marlins 55 59 Chris Volstad is getting groundballs (50%) and not walking guys (2.8 BB/9) - keeping his xFIP lower (3.78) despite his 5.58 ERA.
22 Royals 49 65 Nice to see Alex Gordon continuing to hit and make good on his former promise; .376 wOBA and 4.6 fWAR already.
23 Padres 51 64 Even with Mat Latos not quite dominating, San Diego has the 3rd best staff ERA in the majors this season.
24 Nationals 55 59 In the battle of players with unneeded Y's in their names, Laynce Nix has out-homered Jayson Werth, 14 to 13, in 191 fewer PA.
25 Cubs 49 66 The team's top hitter with at least 150 PA? Reed Johnson; .325/.368/.535 with a .391 wOBA (and a .409 BABIP).
26 Mariners 49 64 So, Dustin Ackley seems pretty good. In 42 games; .301/.368/.529 with plate discipline (10% walk rate) and pop (5 HR, 15 2B + 3B).
27 Pirates 54 59 It was a fun ride for a while, but a 10 game losing streak has dropped them out of contention and below .500 at 54-59.
28 Orioles 44 67 With Zach Britton going on the DL, middle reliever Jim Johnson has a chance to lead the pitchers on the team in fWAR (at 1.4 now).
29 Twins 51 63 In the midst of a disappointing season for the team, Michael Cuddyer is having a career year; .298/.365/.490 with 3.1 fWAR.
30 Astros 37 77 Clint Barmes has the highest fWAR (2.2) of remaining Astros. He's played in just 81 games and has a .314 wOBA.