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High & Inside: 8/23/11

Baseball links from around the sabersphere...

Baseball Prospectus | Baseball ProGUESTus: The Dumbing-Down of Scouting
Debunking four myths that dominate mainstream scouting discourse.

Joe Blogs: Most Productive Player Award
Right now, I firmly believe the best player in the American League is Jose Bautista. And, right now, he's my MVP.

Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, and the future of the Cubs - Grantland
It doesn't include Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder.

Baseball Prospectus | Prospects Will Break Your Heart: The Best of the Best
With the rankings now complete, is our resident prospect man about to turn his back on who he ranked at the top of each position?

The Rise and Fall of Third Basemen | FanGraphs Baseball
Offense is down around baseball, but the hot corner is suffering more than most.

Anatomy of a failed GM
A look back at the Jim Hendry era of Cubs history.