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Beyond the Box Score Power Rankings: Week 10

The Indians fall from the top few spots for the first time in a while, and the Marlins fall some as well. Meanwhile, the Diamondbacks keep climbing.

Just as a reminder: some of the things that go into these rankings include runs scored and allowed, run distributions, wOBA, wRC, FIP, xFIP, DRS, UZR, etc., Base Runs, BABIP and HR/FB% adjustments, and our guts.

Rank Team Wins Losses Comments
1 Cardinals 35 25 In the last week, Albert Pujols has hit .444/.545/1.074 with 5 home runs (two of the walk-off variety). He's accumulated 1.1 of his 1.9 seasonal fWAR. Pretty good.
2 Rangers 33 26 Elvis Andrus has added an above average bat (106 wRC+) to his plus glove and good speed (league leading 19 stolen bases) so far this year.
3 Yankees 32 24 #3 and #4 on the team in pitching fWAR are relievers Mariano Rivera and David Robertson. And #2 is Bartolo Colon. Nice to have CC Sabathia's 2.5 leading the way.
4 Red Sox 32 26 David Ortiz is having a great season, cutting his strike-out more than in half (28% to 12%) and hitting .325/.392/..594 - one of the best lines in the majors this year.
5 Phillies 34 24 Number one, two, and three in the NL in K/BB ratio are Roy Halladay (6.9), Cliff Lee (4.7) and Cole Hamels (4.6). For xFIP, you just need to flip Lee and Hamels.
6 Brewers 32 26 Carlos Gomez is still striking out a lot, but he's shown some added pop this year to go along with his excellent defense in center. Still a below average hitter, but better.
7 Indians 33 23 The pitching staff has fallen back to the middle of the pack, as their ERA (3.95) and FIP (3.92) now match the xFIP (3.96) they've had all year.
8 Blue Jays 29 29 Brandon Morrow has the best FIP (min. 40 IP) in the league (2.07) and the highest strike-out rate by far (11.7 K/9). And a 5.11 ERA. Thanks .368 BABIP & 62.9% LOB%.
9 Reds 30 29 Jay Bruce's 17 home runs lead the NL, but his 1.9 fWAR is only 4th on the team behind Joey Votto (3.2), Drew Stubbs (2.5), and Brandon Phillips (2.1).
10 Diamondbacks 33 26 An average to slightly above pitching staff, an average to slightly below offense, and one of the better defensive unit around has put Arizona into the race in the West.
11 Rockies 27 30 Of all the top strikeout guys in baseball this year (min. 150 PA, K% over 30), Chris Iannetta's power and patience have made him the best hitter with a .377 wOBA.
12 Braves 32 27 The rotation has been very good; the pen has easily been tops in baseball. They're the only one with an xFIP under 3, almost a full win ahead of the #2 pen.
13 Athletics 27 32 Trevor Cahill has upped his strikeout rate significantly this year, but is still putting up an ERA (2.65) well below his FIP (3.74), though closer to his xFIP (3.31)
14 Tigers 30 27 Sometimes it's easy to forget that Miguel Cabrera is only 28 years old. He's hitting .313/.436/.587 this year, and is up to 39 career fWAR already.
15 Marlins 31 25 Gaby Sanchez (.321/.394/.520 and 2.4 fWAR) has put himself into that top echelon of major league first-baseman so far this season.




16 Angels 30 30 LA has had perhaps the league's two best pitchers, as Jered Weaver and Dan Haren are 1-2 in the AL in fWAR at 3.0 and 2.7 respectively. No other pitchers is above 1.
17 Rays 30 28 Matt Joyce is neck and neck with Jose Bautista for the major league lead in average. He has a decent chance at a batting title, you know, if his .388 BABIP lasts.
18 Giants 32 26 Who's the team's best position player at the moment? Andres Torres (.261/.338/.429) maybe? The Giants have had some bad luck with injuries this year.
19 Royals 25 33 Aaron Crow has done a fine job in relief this year (1.61 ERA, 2.77 xFIP), and is now the team's primary closer. Will KC give him a chance to start eventually?
20 White Sox 28 32 Adam Dunn is still struggling in his transition to DH, striking out more often than anyone in baseball with only 5 home runs. Forget 38 or 40, will he even get to 20?
21 Mets 27 31 They have the worst fielding (UZR + stolen base DRS) in the majors at -17.4 runs, with Willie Harris (-7.2) and David Wright (-6.2) "leading" the way.
22 Pirates 28 29 The major league leaders in wins are Roy Halladay, Yovani Gallardo, and Kevin Correia. One of these things is not like the other... but Correia's done a nice job for Pittsburgh.
23 Mariners 30 28 King Felix is one of the best pitchers in baseball, we know, and Michael Pineda looks like he could join that club soon too. Then there's Doug Fister (3.29 ERA, 1.6 fWAR).
24 Orioles 26 30 Mark Reynolds has hit 3 home runs in the last week - giving him 9 on the year - but they were his only hits in 24 PA during that span (he hit .143/.250/.571).
25 Dodgers 27 32 Matt Kemp is showing a power and speed combo this year unmatched by any other player (his 30 total home runs plus stolen bases (16+14) is tops in the majors).
26 Cubs 23 33 Carlos Marmol is showing some improved control this year, walking only 4.7 per nine. His strikeout rate has dropped quite a bit though, all the way to 12.3 K/9.
27 Nationals 25 33 Second-baseman Danny Espinosa is leading the team in home runs (10) and fWAR (2.2). And that's with a .236 BABIP keeping his average down at .219.
28 Padres 26 33 The Padres have the highest strikeout rate in the majors as a team - 24.4% - led by Brad Hawpe's 33.1%. Meanwhile, their pitchers have been below average with the punch-outs.
29 Astros 23 36 The team's top saves guy - Mark Melancon - has just 5. That's the lowest mark for any team's main closer, and their 9 total saves is tied for the lowest in the majors.
30 Twins 20 37 Denard Span is having a good season, batting .300/.367/.392 with plus glove-work. Only now he's hurt, having injured his neck in a play at the plate. That kind of year.