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Podcast 18: Featuring Interviews with Jesse Litsch & "Pizza Cutter"

Well, here you are folks; another edition of the BtB Podcast. In this episode, which ran 44:18 minutes, Dave and Matt ranted about Jose Reyes, mid-season trades, and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Dave, who occasionally covers the New Hampshire Fisher Cats (Blue Jays Double-A), also discussed some of their best prospects and a few problems surrounding them.

Exciting, huh? Well, if that sounds fun, you're likely in for an even bigger treat. Jesse Litsch, yes, Jesse Litsch joined Dave and Matt for an interview and discussed his upcoming start (the interview was recorded Monday while his upcoming start was the next day), his season high points, and expectations for the rest of the year. It's a short but rather hearty interview. And hey, any time you get Jesse Litsch on a Podcast, you're likely doing something the right way, amirite?

Lastly, Dave and Matt talked to one of baseball's most prestigious sabermetricians. You may know him as "Pizza Cutter" from his Stat Speak days, but his real name is Russel Carlleton. Russel discussed a famous, and arguably one of the most valuable and well-produced saber articles in recent memory that talks about how to judge a player in a season. In addition, he discussed how he got started, his love for sabermetrics, as well as some other general baseball topics.

Dave Rutt, a good friend of the Podcast, created a fantastic tune and theme song for the Podcast. However, we weren't able to play it due to technical difficulties. Still, we're going to get Dave to help us out with that and you'll hear how awesome it is the next time you listen to the Podcast. We trashed Bear Necessities (and the song is sitting under Darowski and St. John's name in the retired section) in order to use "You don't know what love is, you just do what you're told," by the White Stripes. I'll stop talking now. Enjoy!