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Beyond the Box Score Power Rankings: Week 13

The Cardinals continue to fall with Albert Pujols out, while the Braves move into the top 10.

Just as a reminder: some of the things that go into these rankings include runs scored and allowed, run distributions, wOBA, wRC, FIP, xFIP, DRS, UZR, etc., Base Runs, BABIP and HR/FB% adjustments, and our guts.

Rank Team Wins Losses Comments
1 Red Sox 44 32 Despite a repeat of 2010's 3.90 ERA, Jonathan Papelbon has turned things around after a couple years of decline - his K/BB ratio up to 6.7 this season.
2 Yankees 44 31 A third straight season with a declining strike-out rate, but CC Sabathia just keeps chugging along with fewer walks and more groundballs.
3 Phillies 48 30 Guess it's Shane Victorino's turn to take the role as the team's top position player, as his 3.8 fWAR is twice that of any other Phillie.
4 Brewers 43 35 The Brewers have started opening up a real lead in the NL Central, in part because they're the only team in the division with a winning interleague play record.
5 Rangers 41 37 Adrian Beltre's BABIP went from high in 2010 (.331) to low in 2011 (.248), but he's still got the great glove (+8 UZR) and the pop (14 home runs) to keep his value up.
6 Cardinals 41 37 Jamie Garcia has done a nice job building on a solid rookie reason, improving in virtually every facet of his game. He's the one currently leading that rotation.
7 Reds 40 38 Since 2006, the major league leaders in wins are Roy Halladay, CC Sabathia, Justing Verlander, Dan Haren, Josh Beckett, and ... Bronson Arroyo. Nice company.
8 Braves 44 34 Jonny Venters is the only pitcher in the majors with at least 40 IP who hasn't given up a home run. Makes sense given, his absurd 80.2% groundball rate.
9 Tigers 41 36 Alex Avila (.303/.373/.545, 2.7 fWAR) is likely deserving of being the AL's starting catcher for the All-Star game, even given the assist of a .365 BABIP.
10 Rockies 38 38 Carlos Gonzalez's power and BABIP have fallen off this year, not terribly unexpectedly (the latter, at least), but he has upped his walk rate to an above average 9%.
11 Diamondbacks 43 35 Chris Young has done a nice job cutting his strike-out rate in recent years, from 31% to 25% to 21% this season, while still managing to up his ISO.
12 Rays 43 34 James Shields' three consecutive complete games has moved him passed the usual suspects (Doc has 5) into the major league lead in the category.
13 Blue Jays 38 39 Four Jays have recorded a save this year. Three of them (Frank Fransisco, Jon Rauch, Octavio Dotel) have the team's three worst ERAs and FIPs out of the pen.
14 Indians 40 35 Former top prospect turned mild disappointment Carlos Carrasco has done a nice job for Cleveland this year (3.62 ERA, 3.31 FIP, 3.70 xFIP).
15 White Sox 38 40 Remember when it seemed like Paul Konerko was on the decline? He hit 39 home runs last year, ans on pace to approach or even pass that this year.




16 Mets 38 39 A healthy Chris Capuano has been a fine shot n the arm for a Mets' rotation that's needed quality arms. His 3.83 FIP and 3.72 xFIP would be career bests.
17 Angels 39 39 Bobby Abreu is still walking a ton (15.5%) and stealing bases (12 for 15), but where's the power? Only 3 home runs, as he's now hitting the ball on the ground over 50% of the time.
18 Giants 43 34 Tim Lincecum's velocity (~92.7 mph) is back up the the best level it's been at since 2008 (though it looks more like the end of '08 than the beginning).
19 Nationals 39 38 If Danny Espinosa (.242/.323/.466) ever starts hitting for some average, the Nationals might have one of the league's best second-baseman on their hands (if they don't already).
20 Dodgers 34 44 Could we actually see a 40-40 season this year? Matt Kemp (21-21) has a real chance to become the 5th member of that club - the first since Alfonso Soriano in 2006.
21 Athletics 35 43 Of the team's top 5 position players in fWAR, two of them (Jemile Weeks - third at 0.8, and Scott Sizemore - fifth at 0.5) have fewer than 75 plate appearances.
22 Marlins 34 43 No last place team in the majors is further away from moving up a spot, as Florida is 5 games behind 4th place New York. A 3-22 June will do that.
23 Mariners 38 39 Seattle is just a game and a half out of first place, which is pretty neat for a team whose offense (79 wRC+) would be beaten out by a line-up of Clint Barmeses (80 wRC+).
24 Royals 32 45 The Royals have fallen into a tie for last place in the AL Central, but at least the offense is still around average (.264/.330/.393) despite having hit only 56 home runs.
25 Pirates 39 37 As of the last update, Andrew McCutchen (.285/.388/.463, 4 fWAR) was not in the top 15 amongst NL outfielders. That is a real travesty, though I imagine he'll still get selected.
26 Orioles 34 40 Rookie Zach Britton (3.19 ERA, 3.76 FIP, 3.77 xFIP) has been the team's best starter, but the O's are going to have to be careful with his innings sooner or later.
27 Cubs 31 45 Alfonso Soriano might actually get to 25 home runs this year, for the first time since 2008. Only three years and $54 M left on his contract, Cubs fans (after 2011, of course)!
28 Padres 33 45 Tim Stauffer leads the team in pitching fWAR. Number two is reliever Mike Adams. Number three is reliever Cory Luebke. Reliever Chad Quals is tied for the team lead in wins (4).
29 Astros 28 50 Carlos Lee is hitting just .268/.313/.407, but a positive UZR has him at 1.0 fWAR. I'm sure that will last. Only one more year (at $18.5 M) left, Astros fans!
30 Twins 32 43 Danny Valncia is slugging .359 on the season. He's second on the Twins in home runs, with 8. Sure there's a .233 BABIP exerting influence there, but still.