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High & Inside: 6/11/11

Baseball links from around the sabersphere...

Is Latin talent overpriced? - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
The Rule 4 draft occurred over a three-day period this week. It is one of the two primary ways a team can acquire amateur talent.

2010 vs 2011, To Date - DRaysBay
How do the 2011 Rays compare to the 2010 Rays through June 10th?

This Roy Halladay guy might be pretty good " Baseball-Reference Blog

Roy Halladay has had five seasons in which he posted an ERA+ over 150 (qualified for ERA title).

On Tim Lincecum's Struggles - San Francisco Giants Blog | Splashing Pumpkins

It's unusual for Lincecum to have a couple bad back-to-back starts, sure. But not something so unprecedented that we should really start to worry.

Evaluating catchers: Quantifying the framing pitches skill
Max estimates the impact a catcher can have by framing pitches effectively.

More links after the jump...

Must-Sign Madson? | Brotherly Glove

I can see this both ways. On one hand, it would really stink to see Madson go, because he isn’t merely a good reliever, he is one of the top five in the sport, a true elite pitcher. On the other hand, replacing Ibanez with a real, live outfielder and not a fill-in like Francisco and Mayberry is very appetising.

Mark Reynolds Is Better & Worse Than You Think | Camden Crazies

It's entirely possible that Reynolds could play average defense from here on out and still end up the worst fielding third-baseman in baseball this year. It's hard for even a solidly above average hitter to provide value when he's such a drag defensively, and Reynolds isn't hitting near well enough for that. Thus his 0.0 fWAR.

Fungoes " Theriot’s 20-game hit streak: What were the chances?

Cardinal shortstop Ryan Theriot, heretofore a .285 hitter in his career, extended his hitting streak to 20 games Tuesday night in Houston, a fine accomplishment. How likely was it to occur this year?

Roy Oswalt and Meeting (Unreasonable?) Expectations - Roto Hardball

But let's be clear here - he's sporting a 3.42 FIP and 3.87 xFIP, which is right in line with his career figures at 3.35 and 3.56, respectively. He's being about as effective as one should reasonably expect from Roy Oswalt, save for perhaps a couple strikeouts per game.

Nyjer Morgan's Fun, Crazy Post Game Interview - MLB Daily Dish