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AL WEST: Standings Vs. Fan Confidence

AL West Standings

Texas 16 13 .551 0 Lost 2
Los Angeles 16 14 .533 0.5 Lost 2
Oakland 15 14 .517 1 Won 2
Seattle 13 16 .448 3 Lost 1

(updated 5.3.2011 at 11:39 PM CDT)

As we close in on 1/5th of the season being complete, the prospect and concerns of SSS have been fully realized and we are now approaching a true view of each team's talent level and probably year-end results. Right? Let's see what you think.

1. After 29 games, have any of these teams revealed something about themselves that you hadn't previously noticed?

2. Which of these teams is lying to us and hiding their true ability (or lack thereof)?

3. And finally: