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Podcast 14: "Dogs" Featuring Alejandro (Alejou) & Craig Calcaterra


This week Matt and Dave were happily joined by two of baseball's most prominent figures. Alejandro (can not say his last name due to his preference), the Houston Astros Beat Writer en espanol not only writes for a living but lately he's devoted almost all of his time and work to improve the state of the Mexican Baseball League. In it's worst conditions in years, Alejandro, who has tons of authority and respect in his native city, discusses the Astros, his work and goals that go in to improving the ugly state of the Mexican League whether it be on the field or off, as well as his fantastic television and broadcasting work.

Alejandro wasn't our only fantastic guest. Craig Calcaterra formerly of Shyster Ball fame and now the Blogger-in-chief of NBC's Hardball Talk took the time to talk Braves, his career, DUI's, and other awesome baseball topics with Dave and Matt.

Dave and Matt read the weekly iTunes reviews as well as the AL Central which includes minimal Royals talk, for once. Do have a listen!

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