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Living off the Long Ball, Part II: Home-Away Splits


Tuesday I took a look at how some teams are highly reliant on the long ball for run scoring this year (cough, Yankees, cough).

A friend asked what the numbers look like for teams if you took a look at their home/away splits.

The graph above shows the difference for each team in the percent of runs scored via home runs (positive numbers indicate advantage for home, negative for away) when playing at home versus on the road.

A few observations:

  • The Yankees have accounted for more of their runs via the home run at home, but the difference isn't as extreme as I would have thought (69 runs versus 49 via home runs).
  • San Diego is not a big power hitting team, certainly not in that cavernous park of theirs, but they've relied more on home runs at home to score. They've scored 24 runs out of 106 via home runs away, but 20 out of 60 via home run when playing at home.
  • Similarly, the Mets have relied more on home runs for runs in their spacious home park. The Mets have scored 95 runs on the road and 91 at home, but 34 came via home runs at home and only 26 away.
  • San Francisco just doesn't hit home runs at home. Only 8 of their 34 home runs have come at home. 41 runs were scored via home runs on the road (107 runs) versus only 10 at home (56 runs).