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High & Inside: 5/10/11

Baseball links from around the sabersphere...

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  • Hard Throwers | Baseball Musings
    Manny Acta suggests that hard-throwing pitchers are responsible for the offensive decline.
  • Most Squeezed Pitchers | Baseball Analytics Blog
    A look at the pitchers that have had tough breaks on close pitches thus far.
  • Brad Bergesen, Flyball Pitcher | Camden Crazies
    Bergy has started to eschew his formally signature pitch a little* more, instead utilizing the four-seam fastball - and that's caused his groundball rate to tumble from 50% to just 37%. He's made up for it though, by striking out more batters (K/9 up to 5.9, which is still below average but a full point higher than it had been) and improving his control (if only slightly - 2.2 BB/9).
  • Early 2011 Trends: Cards' Starting Pitchers | Gas House Graphs
    etween McClellan’s competence, Lohse’s resurgence, and Garcia’s emergence, you can see how the Cardinals have somehow managed to withstand Wainwright’s season ending injury.
  • James Loney’s Total Eclipse of the Bat | Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness
    Loney’s not listed there because his streak is over two seasons, but you’ll see that he’d slot nicely into the second-lowest OPS of the last 64 years by a first baseman. If I’d waited until baseball-reference had refreshed with tonight’s results, Loney would be first on this because the threshold would have been higher than 405 PA, and Kranepool wouldn’t appear.