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High & Inside: 4/5/11

Baseball links from around the sabersphere...

  • Abreu's Dropping OBP | Baseball Analytics Blog
    From the above graph, it was clear Abreu was not getting ball calls early, which may have caused him to to start swinging at pitches he would normally take. The change led to 19 fewer hits, and a lower OBP.
  • 2011 Cardinals are old (which is good and bad) | Fungoes
    It’s possible, and perhaps probable, that the Cardinals will get younger as the season wears on. We’ll give Miguel Batista even odds for lasting the entire season, and his replacement is bound to be younger (at least we’re hoping so). The Cardinals start the year with some near-major-league-ready talent in Memphis, and as long as La Russa and company don’t repeat their midsummer 2010 moves in which they pulled the aging Randy Winn and Pedro Feliz off the future commentators unemployment line, their average age will regress to, well, their average.
  • The Homer Happy Weekend | Fangraphs
    It is safe to say, though, that this trend will not continue. Were batters to continue mashing homers at their current rate, they’d hit 5,705 in a full 4,860-game season. That’s 12 more than the league hit in 2000, which is the current record.
  • Orioles Pitching Dominating Rays Hitters | Baseball Analytics Blog
    The Orioles effectively pitched lefties and righties away the whole series. The result: Rays batters could barely muster any offense.
  • Where's the Defense? | Baseball Musings
    During the first four full days of the regular season in 2010, the BABIP for the majors came in at .291. So far in 2011, the value is .300. So even not counting errors, defenses are more porous than they were a year ago.

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