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Top 10 Baseball Commercials of All-Time

I was inspired by the fantastic new Ubaldo Jimenez commercial which astoundingly hasn't made it's way online yet. However, I put together a bunch of the best baseball videos that have brightened our boring day ranking them from 10th best (top) to best (bottom). Of course, there are plenty that are unavailable but this selection is certain to make anyone laugh. Enjoy!

So this is

(The rest after the jump)


Could be a bit more funny with a different player (nothing against Rollins) such as Dmirti Young for example. But funny and has a great ending.



This would be higher if Ortiz hadn't said "it's not what you think" but so be it. Great concept here.


Very funny. Picked the perfect manager to create this with.

If he had said any pitcher other than _______ _______ it wouldn't have been as funny. Great commercial

Love this one. A bit short thus earning it a lower spot than it should but awesome nonetheless.

This one is amazing. A simply fantastic commercial.

Nothing like the combo of Steinbrenner and dollars. This was monumental and is remembered when thinking about The Boss. A short yet great Visa ad.

This explains itself.

Amazing. Just a fantastic way to remember Jr. It's also so true and like The Boss' commercial, it's a great way to remember the fantastic career Ken Griffey Jr. had.