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The Unique Career of Ruben Sierra

Not too long ago, in a post about Nomar Garciaparra's peak, I wrote:

I can't find another player who packed so much of his career value (94.8%) into a half dozen seasons.

Welp, I found one.


If you take just Sierra's six best seasons (dropping 1987), that's 139% of his career value coming in just six seasons. More fun Ruben Sierra facts:
  • You can take it a step further and point out that 78.7% of his total value came in just two seasons. This is a man who played 20 seasons.
  • Sierra played for nine teams. He was above replacement level for one of them (Texas).
  • In his first seven years, Sierra made $10.1 million while earning 19.4 WAR. After that, he made $33.5 million while "earning" –5.8 WAR. Oof.
  • Ruben Sierra was traded for Jose Canseco, Danny Tartabull, Cecil Fielder, and Marcus Thames. At different times, of course.
  • Sierra was released eight different times.
  • Sierra wore the following uniform numbers: 3, 14, 16, 21, 22, 24, 25, 28, 29, 38, 44, and 47. Not bad, seeing he wore the number 21 on six different occasions for four different franchises.
  • Let's not forget that the dude cut three albums, too!