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Is Haren-Weaver The AL's Best Pitching Duo?

Seems pretty remarkable to be asking this question right now. Weaver posted a 4.40 xFIP in 2009, and Haren was traded last season for a package led by Joe Saunders and Tyler Skaggs. Reading those two bits of information, you probably would never expect them to combine forces and become the AL's premier top-of-the-rotation duo. But I think that it's about time that we wonder if that's precisely what's happened.

Now, to be clear, there aren't any mega-duo's in the AL. There is no ridiculous AL equivalent to the NL's Roy Halladay-Cliff Lee bonanza. But there are a ton of great pitchers in the AL, and a bunch of exceptional rotations, too. So it's not like Haren and Weaver are without competition.

But this is the kind of peculiar development that can only happen in the wacky world of pitching, and I thought I would present the question to you guys now: Do Jered Weaver and Dan Haren comprise the best top-of-the-rotation duo in the American League right now? Ignore contracts, ignore service time, and ignore the 2015 season. This is purely about this season.

Because I've gone over the key options, which are shown below with their combined 2011 statistics, and I'm thinking that they might. And you know what might be even more shocking? That their biggest competition comes from within the division, and doesn't involve Felix Hernandez.

Jered Weaver and Dan Haren - Angels - 82.6 IP - 1.21 ERA - 3.02 xFIP - 5.47 K/BB - 3.1 WAR

Brett Anderson and Trevor Cahill - Athletics - 66 IP - 1.91 ERA - 2.72 xFIP - 4.67 K/BB - 2.1 WAR

Josh Beckett and Jon Lester - Red Sox - 59.3 IP - 2.28 ERA - 3.12 xFIP - 2.90 K/BB - 1.5 WAR

John Danks and Gavin Floyd - White Sox - 68 IP - 3.44 ERA - 3.13 xFIP - 2.86 K/BB - 1.6 WAR

David Price and James Shields - Rays - 75 IP - 2.76 ERA - 3.81 xFIP - 3.32 K/BB - 1.3 WAR


Felix Hernandez and Michael Pineda, Seattle

C.J. Wilson and Derek Holland, Texas

CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett - New York (AL)

Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer - Detroit

Ricky Romero and Brandon Morrow - Toronto (hat tip to jar75 for noting their omission)

Jeremy Guthrie and Zach Britton - Baltimore