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Beyond the Boxscore Power Rankings: Week 4

We've got a new team at this, and a slightly different layout. With the Pythagorean record being something we consider, but not the entirety of the ranking, it was clearer to remove it from the table. Behind the scenes, we delve further than just runs scored and allowed, to the run distributions, more readily available advanced stats like wOBA, wRC, FIP, xFIP, DRS, UZR, etc., as well as a Base Runs systems adjusted for BABIP and HR/FB%. Plus our guts and a dartboard, for that one team that you think we got horribly, horribly wrong.

Rank Team Wins Losses Comments
1 Rockies 14 6 Getting it done with one of the majors' best pitching staffs. Not quite your older brother's Rockies.
2 Rangers 13 7 The Rangers show no signs of a power outage without defending MVP Josh Hamilton.
3 Cardinals 11 10 Went from being in seemingly deep trouble to having the NL's best offense - by far.
4 Phillies 14 6 The Phillies have the fewest runs scored of any division leader at 92. Four aces seems good.
5 Yankees 11 6 The Yankees have been able to overcome shaky pitching with a powerful offense (with an unsustainable HR/FB?).
6 Marlins 12 7 Florida's proving to be an early contender in the raucous NL East, largely on the strength of Josh Johnson's right arm.
7 Athletics 10 11 Their team ERA is the best in the majors, by about a half a run. Sure makes up for a mediocre offense.
8 Brewers 10 10 The addition of Shaun Marcum has helped give the team a nice staff to compliment their potent offense.
9 Indians 13 7 "There's two or three potential all-stars in there."
10 Reds 11 10 Once the Reds' ERA moves down towards their xFIP (a half run lower), they'll be plus on both sides of the ball.
11 Royals 12 9 The Royals hot start has Kansas City has fans trusting the system; Alex Gordon might be the early season MVP.
12 Red Sox 9 11 Don't look now, but the Red Sox are 7-3 in their last 10 and only 2 games under .500.
13 Angels 12 9 Dan Haren and Jered Weaver are awesome, but the team's benefiting from the league's lowest BABIP against.
14 Tigers 11 10 Miguel Cabrera is mashing, with more walks than strikeouts so far this year.
15 Braves 10 12 The offense has been sputtering, in part due to a terribly low BABIP, but the great pitching's keeping them afloat.


16 Blue Jays 9 11 Jose Bautista isn't hitting HRs at a prodigious pace, but he's still been baseball's best hitter - and leading walker.
17 Giants 10 10 Like a couple years ago, it's Kung Fu Panda and Big Time Timmy Jim leading the way in San Fransisco.
18 Cubs 10 10 Pitchers are striking out almost a batter an inning - led by Matt Garza's crazy start - and still have a team ERA over 5.00.
19 Dodgers 11 11 Matt Kemp is still batting over .400, but that only helps so much when your first-baseman is hitting like a pitcher.
20 Diamondbacks 8 11 Their high ERAs belie how well Dan Hudson and Ian Kennedy have pitched atop the rotation.
21 White Sox 8 13 Most of the position players aren't hitting much, and the fielding metrics haven't been kind either.
22 Rays 10 11 Despite being in second place, the Rays aren't truly excelling in any facet at this point.
23 Padres 8 13 Very good pitching. Abysmal offense (though at least they're working some free passes).
24 Astros 8 13 Might run hot if their (high) BABIP against comes down before their own (high) BABIP.
25 Mets 8 13 Ike Davis is fitting in nicely with the Reyes-Wright-Beltran area of the team. Then there's the other guys.
26 Pirates 9 11 The hitters are K'ing a ton… Brandon Wood should definitely help out there. Not a bad young line-up though.
27 Twins 8 12 The pitchers aren't striking out batters - normal for the Twins - but they're also walking their fair share - more unusual.
28 Nationals 9 10 Jordan Zimmermann's back, and the pitching's been OK overall - so there is that. Offense, not so much.
29 Orioles 8 11 I'm not saying the Orioles' pitching is terrible, but they did allow a meaningless 9th inning HR to Brett Gardner.
30 Mariners 8 14 Ryan Langerhans leads the team in home runs. The position players should end up above replacement level. Probably.