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Springtime Data and Tool Wish List

Many people feel that there is too much data available for baseball right now, but if you are any bit like me, you can never have enough. What tools, websites or information would you want that is currently not available? Here is a list of tools/data that the authors here at BtB wish were available.

  • A real time ability of a player.  It could be a combination of the season's projection and the currently season stats.  For example when CarGo and Bautista went off that season, their true talent level would begin to go up as the season went on.
  • On the same lines, a site that would show a player's platoon splits (regressed actual value).  It would be great for setting up ideal lineups.
  • All the player transactions (callups, injuries, trades) all in one data set with retro and/or MLBids.
  • More detailed base-running information and evaluation, although I suppose that this exists but just might not be commonly available. Have WAR factor in base-running beyond SB/CS. 
  • A website that showed the tools for MLB players on a 20-80 scale. Obviously this would require some sort of scouting, so it's a bit beyond our scope, but you always see these numbers being thrown around for prospects but very rarely for MLB players.
  • Justin Bopp caged in the extra room in mom's basement to make a cool graph whenever I need one.
  • A database of MLB draft bonuses.
  • Hit FX and Field FX available to the public