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NL Central: Standings vs. Fan Confidence

NL Central Standings

Milwaukee 9 8 .529 0 Won 2
Cincinnati 9 8 .529 0 Lost 3
Chicago 8 8 .500 0.5 Won 1
St. Louis 8 8 .500 0.5 Lost 1
Pittsburgh 8 9 .470 1 Lost 1
Houston 6 11 .352 3 Won 1

(updated 4.20.2011 at 9:22 AM CDT)

Small Sample Size and the Art of Ignoring It.

After several consecutive losses by both the Brewers and the Reds, the NL Central is essentially a wash as it stands this morning. And in the fine art of acknowledging SSS and immediately proceeding to ignore it, I'll take this (and this continuing series of these) to the crowd:

1. After 17 games, have any of these teams revealed something about themselves that you hadn't previously noticed?

2. Despite what you may project them to do over a longer period of time, is seeing PIT only one game out after three weeks an indication to you that they're closer than we thought? Or can we, like Houston, safely ignore them?

3. Does Greinke coming arrival in Milwaukee (his rehab is reportedly going well, btw) mean that Brewers fans can expect some separation?

4. Which of these teams is lying to us and hiding their true ability (or lack thereof)? In one sentence, how would you describe the Cubs? "Exactly what we thought?"

And finally: