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High & Inside: 4/19/11

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Baseball links from around the sabersphere...

  • Martin the Masher | The Yankee Analysts
    Let’s enjoy this hot streak while it lasts, but let’s not think this version of Martin is here to stay and it’s okay to trade Jesus Montero now.
  • Ryan Vogelsong, Question Mark? | Bay City Ball
    As much as I’m pulling for Vogelsong to write an interesting final chapter to the story of his involvement with the Giants, It would really be better if Barry Zito recovered quickly, and found his missing 3 mph of fastball velocity while he’s at it.
  • O's Offensive Woes | Camden Crazies
    Bringing Vlad Guerrero aboard with Derrek Lee and Mark Reynolds was probably a wash, plate discipline-wise, but only the Cubs are swinging the bat more often than the O's so far this year (and just barely).
  • A Visual Look at wOBA | Fangraphs
    As you can see from the visual, wOBA puts more stress on walks, hit by pitches, and singles, while OPS attaches a huge value to homeruns and triples.
  • Jesus Montero’s reverse split | River Avenue Blues
    If the reverse platoon split is a true talent (which is could very easily not be), well then he’s a hitter well suited for a league dominated by right-handed pitchers and a ballpark with a short porch in right.

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