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High & Inside: 4/16/11

Baseball links from around the sabersphere...

  • Derek Jeter Related Charting | Pinstripe Alley
    I never really thought of Derek Jeter as an inconsistent player, but he has had some truly excellent seasons and some (comparatively) pedestrian seasons.
  • The Scott Boras Factor: Reality or Hype? | Baseball Prospectus
    Has super-agent Scott Boras earned his reputation for getting the most cash and the longest contracts for his clients?
  • Examining J.T. Snow's Defense | McCovey Chronicles
    Due to the complete lack of detailed data, we don't know how many scoops J.T. made, or how many chances he had-but if we apply the same WOWY method-by looking at infielder's rates of throwing errors with Snow and without him-we find that he was pretty darn good in this category. Sean Smith, the developer of TZ and rWAR, estimates that Snow saved approximately 22 runs, or close to two runs per season,** by turning some of those errant throws into outs. This would change his TZ rating to a -8, his ZR to -27, and his DRA to a +7. Better, but still unspectacular.
  • Soria’s Swing And Miss Issue | Royals Authority
    So, yes, Soria’s swing and miss rate is lower in the early going this season, but he’s been used seven times in the Royals first nine games. That’s a lot of usage.
  • The Curious Case of David Ross | Talking Chop
    We're paying the man two million dollars and he's the best back-up catcher in baseball. Utilizing him on a nightly basis would probably go a long way in helping the Braves win a few extra games this season.

More links after the jump...

  • Curt Flood’s rest of career | The BOOK Blog
    So, let’s say that Flood’s moral stand cost him a 15 WAR career, putting him at 51 WAR. Among his contemporaries, he’s with Vada Pinson and Willie Davis. He deserves more recognition for his playing abilities.
  • Matt Kemp's Hot Start | Baseball Analytics Blog
    He holds a .338 BAbip on fastballs over the last three seasons, which is about 30 points higher than league average. So he has demonstrated a noticeable skill in the recent past at hitting fastballs well. And so far this season, he's doing it better than ever.
  • Regarding John Jaso’s Slow Start | The Process Report
    Pitchers will try to reach a few too many times into the cookie jar for easy strikes, and Jaso has to make them pay. After he does that, they’ll recede and throw enough junk that he can take his walks.
  • Surviving Strikeouts | Baseball Analytics Blog
    The difference in walks and power means that Josh sports a .316 wOBA, poor but not terrible, while Alarvez comes in with a .216 mark. This is the key to the paradox. Hitters who strike out a great deal can be successful if they contribute in other ways.
  • A Big Problem | DRaysBay
    Niemann ended 2010 on a down note and thus far has stayed there in 2011 with little signs of encouragement.