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MLB2K11 Contestant Entrants: VOTE NOW!

The finalists for the MLB2K11 Contest are as follows:

April 21, 1988: The Day I "Officially" Became a White Sox Fan by krushcuts

Following the 1983 season, both teams sank into sub-mediocrity. Impressive as it was, they managed to amass near identical winning percentages for the remainder of the 80s (.463 for the Orioles and .462 for the ChiSox). The Orioles arguably had the bigger star power (Ripken and Murray vs. Baines and Kittle). Over the next few year, I’d venture a guess that my fan allegiance changed from year to year based on which parental figure I liked more or maybe more so which city we were in. I can vividly remember leaving games wearing either an O’s hat or the tri colored SOX cap.

Variance of the FIP Estimate by Trickman

For HR rate, I expected a similarly increasing range as I had expected for walks. Simply put, if a pitcher is more likely to give up a home-run, then he's also more likely to give up a home-run with men on-base. The variance does increase at an alarming rate of .005 per additional home-run every nine innings. Since pitchers don't regularly jump by .5 HR/9 over a season, that's .0005 runs every nine innings of deviation for every .1 HR/9.

What Is And What Never Would Be: Going Through With The 1994 Post-Season by U-God

It never sat right with me (and most likely everyone else that spends their free time reading and writing about baseball) that there were no playoffs in 1994. The season had everything to offer for a 6 year old growing up just south of Chicago. I got to wear number 13 while playing shortstop in teeball. I was introduced to jalapeño peppers on a warm Saturday at Comiskey Park (much more enjoyable in retrospect than at the moment. Add in the fact that Frank Thomas was absolutely killing it. But as we all know, things fell apart.

Please read each of these great entries and vote on your favorite below. The one with the most votes wins a brand new copy of MLB2K11 for the XBOX 360!