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Opening Day Game Thread: Lincecum vs. Kershaw


Opening Day Game Thread: Lincecum vs. Kershaw

San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers

This is the first of hopefully many Beyond the Box Score national broadcast game threads, where we invite fans of teams not involved to come in, discuss, analyze, make fun of, and enjoy the game together in a unified thread. All the usual community rules apply, so be generally nice to each other and have fun!


San Francisco Los Angeles
1 A. Torres, CF R. Furcal, SS
2 F. Sanchez, 2B T. Gwynn, LF
3 A. Huff, RF A. Ethier, RF
4 B. Posey, C M. Kemp, CF
5 P. Burrell, LF J. Loney, 1B
6 M. Tejada, SS J. Uribe, 3B
7 B. Belt, 1B R. Barajas, C
8 P. Sandoval, 3B J. Carroll, 2B
9 T. Lincecum, P C. Kershaw, P