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Run Value Heat Maps

I have had a web application that looks at the average run values for hitters considering the pitch location.  I have made a few improvements, but am looking for more ways to make it even better. See what is available and state any improvements you can think of to add.  First off, here is a screen shot the options I currently have available:



Just using the run values, here is a look at Albert Pujols's run values (image is from the catcher's respective):





It seems to show  that Albert is not a very good hitter. The problem is that all players have generally this same pattern of negative values in the heart of the plate, where strikes and outs occur, and positive values near the edge of the plate, where the player takes balls off the plate.


I went back and added an option to now compare the player to the league average. Now here is what Albert's run value zone looks like:


Also, I allow a user to regress the output as much as they want (20 league average run values seems to be the 50% regression amount):


There is not much of a change here since Sir Albert has seen so many pitches over the past 4 years.


We (my brother Darrell and I) are looking at making the website available in some form to the public soon. It will be easier to make changes now instead of later once it is up and running.


So, what additional applications would you like to see available for the run values?


Here are some current ideas I have thought of:

  1. One possible option will be to select two different players and then compare those two.
  2. I may look to add pitch type eventually, but I am first working on actually getting the pitch types corrected.

I will make the website available to some people, probably those that I have had contact with previously (send me an email wydiyd ~ hotmail). The website is in a Beta state and I will need to limit the people on it and go over a few ground rules.  Thanks for your time.