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High & Inside: 3/26/11

Baseball links from around the blogosphere...

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  • Best active player without an MVP vote? | ESPN SweetSpot Blog
    The active leader in WAR (wins above replacement) without a vote is Jason Kendall.
  • Morel wins the job, and he should keep it | South Side Sox
    Morel will have a good month to get acclimated, because any cold-weather offensive struggles will be pinned on the veterans. My gut says that Morel will survive the audition. Like Getz, he might have the Sox looking for an upgrade after the season, but he'll hit just well enough to keep the heat off him after the season heats up.
  • Milwaukee Trades Chris Dickerson for Sergio Mitre | Disciples of Uecker
    The problem with the deal isn’t Mitre, it’s the fact that it took a promising outfielder with an option remaining in Dickerson to get the deal done. Dickerson has his issues – primarily a penchant for the strikeout bordering on the ridiculous – but as an athletic outfielder with plate discipline and power potential, there was reason to be excited. It’s very possible that Dickerson’s power will never be what it looked like in 2008 (17 HR in almost 600 PAs between AAA and MLB), and if that’s the case both Dickerson and Mitre are very close in value.
  • Beachy Makes Braves Rotation | Fangraphs
    If everything goes well, the Braves’ player development team will have found another useful member of the pitching staff from an unlikely source.
  • Kelly Shoppach: Rays Most Improved Player? | DRaysBay
    Shoppach has many obstacles to overcome, including the negative perceptions (and many unflattering nicknames) created by a very poor 2010 postseason, but if I had to pick a Ray that was going to be the most improved in 2011, I would lean toward Kelly Shoppach.