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CONTEST: Win MLB2K11 for the XBOX 360!


Want a chance to win a free copy? 

 I've been sitting on this idea for a while, and am so excited to have finally received my copy of MLB2K11. Actually, I'm excited to have received YOUR copy of MLB2K11. If you have an XBOX 360, opposable thumbs, and love baseball games, here's your chance to win a free copy!

CONTEST: Win MLB2K11 for the XBOX 360!

Rules: For your chance to win, simply submit your very best fanpost about anything baseball related: your favorite baseball game, your favorite player, your favorite stadium experience, some tangentionally related emotional breakthrough, or if you're feeling nerdy, that sabermetric analysis you've been sitting on for a couple months now.

Then, post the link to the fanpost on our Facebook page to officially enter yourself into the contest before 5:00PM CST 04/01/11. Afterward, the BTB team will select FIVE of the best entries and submit them for a community vote. The fanpost that receives the most votes will receive a shiny new copy of MLB2K11 for the XBOX 360!

  • Write and submit your very best fanpost to Beyond the Box Score. Press "create new fanpost" to get started.
  • Join/friend/follow BTB's facebook page and submit a link to your fanpost to officially enter the contest.
  • BTB team* will select the 5 best for community consideration.
  • Community vote selects best fanpost.
  • Fanpost with the most votes wins the game!

The rules above are subject in their entirety to the official rules of the contest.

Tips to win after the jump.


  1. There's no wordcount max or minimum, but articles around 1,000 words are typically appropriate for this exercise.
  2. Humor, emotional punch, sabermetrically-sound, well written and edited articles will probably win.
  3. Get the word out - post your article and tweet the hell out of it. Get your friends to join, comment, and rec your post to keep it near the top of the pile on the front page.
  4. When it comes time to vote, get the word out again!

*BTB team, writers, editors, and former contributors are ineligible to win. Sorry Gersh.