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Some "Teams" Based on the Hall of wWAR

As I was putting together the Hall of wWAR, I kept myself amused by putting together a few "teams" from the pool of players I had before me—a team of Hall of Fame snubs, best to miss the Hall of wWAR, etc. I figured Saturday morning was a good time to throw some of these out for discussion.

First of all, the one that I know I'd be curious about…

The All-Just-Missed-the-Hall-of-wWAR Team

These guys were the ones on the other side of the borderline.

  • Catcher: Wally Schang
  • First Base: Jake Beckley
  • Second Base: Tony Lazzeri
  • Third Base: Bob Elliot
  • Shortstop: Jim Fregosi
  • Left Field: Billy Williams
  • Center Field: Vada Pinson
  • Right Field: Jack Clark
  • Starting Pitcher (pre-1900): Mickey Welch
  • Starting Pitcher (post-1900): Red Ruffing
  • Relief Pitcher: John Hiller

The All-I'm-Surprised-They-Were-Booted Team
  • Catcher: Ernie Lombardi
  • First Base: Frank Chance
  • Second Base: Tony Lazzeri
  • Third Base: Pie Traynor (though the answer is really "none")
  • Shortstop: Luis Aparicio
  • Left Field: Ralph Kiner
  • Center Field: Hack Wilson
  • Right Field: Sam Thompson
  • Starting Pitcher: Dizzy Dean
  • Relief Pitcher: Bruce Sutter (though the answer is really "none")

The All-I'm-So-Glad-They-Made-It Team

  • Catcher: Bill Freehan
  • First Base: Will Clark
  • Second Base: Lou Whitaker
  • Third Base: Ron Santo (and so many others)
  • Shortstop: Alan Trammell
  • Left Field: Tim Raines
  • Center Field: Dale Murphy
  • Right Field: Dwight Evans
  • Designated Hitter: Edgar Martinez
  • Starting Pitcher: Tommy John (so hard to pick just one)
  • Relief Pitcher: (none were added)

The All-I'm-Surprised-They-Made-It Team

  • Catcher: Darrell Porter
  • First Base: John Olerud
  • Second Base: Cupid Childs
  • Third Base: Ron Cey
  • Shortstop: (no surprises)
  • Left Field: Minnie Minoso
  • Center Field: Dale Murphy
  • Right Field: Bobby Bonds
  • Starting Pitcher: Larry Jackson
  • Relief Pitcher: (no surprises)

Any interesting teams you can construct?