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The Hall of wWAR: The Interactive Visualization

Click to enjoy.

If you've been following along with the Hall of wWAR series, no doubt you've seen the leading graphics on each post and thought "Gosh, I'd like to click on that." Well, now you can.

Things you can do:

  • Filter by position.
  • See just the adjustments (who is in the Hall of wWAR but not the Hall of Fame, and vice versa)
  • See a table of data that corresponds with what you're viewing on the timeline.

If you're a web developer or a tinkerer or just plain curious, I've open sourced the code on GitHub. If you're in the Boston area and want to see me talk about it, I'm actually going to be using this as an example in a presentation about Sass at RefreshBoston next week (event details).

Let me know if you see anything cool while playing around with it!

The Hall of wWAR
Catchers | First Basemen | Second Basemen | Third Basemen | Shortstops
Left Fielders | Center Fielders | Right Fielders | Designated Hitters