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Podcast 9: "Ian Snell's Legacy." Featuring Interviews With Jerry Crasnick & Jonah Keri

Matt was unavailable this week, and he was greatly missed. However, we were able to get Mike Petriello of Mike Scioscias Tragic Illness and Baseball Prospectus to take his place.

Also, we have a bit of great news. The Podcast is finally in the iTunes Music Store! You can access it by simply searching "Beyond the Box Score" or something related to the podcast. You can also find it on the iTunes website by clicking here.

This week's special guests:

Jerry Crasnick of ESPN & Baseball America

We needed a National Reporter to talk scoops with us and clarify any uncertainty as to whether or not a reporter deserves full credit for scooping a deal. We also talked about the definition of a scoop itself. Along with that, we talked about reporters in general and the great sport of baseball as well.

Jonah Keri of Fangraphs & The Wall Street Journal

In light of his new book, The Extra 2%, we talked to Jonah about his passion for writing, the teams he likes writing about, the book itself, and much more. It was great fun.

Click on "Continue Reading" for the Podcast mp3 link (the audio player).


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Podcast Topics:

NL Central Preview
Ian Snell
Andrew Bailey
My trip to Florida
Mike's upcoming trip to Florida
and much more