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Strasburg Ready For September?

Bill Ladson, the beat writer for the Washington Nationals, says "probably" in our interview for this week's BtB podcast:

"They're going to treat him the way they treated Jordan Zimmermann. If you remember last year, Zimmermann was rearing to go by June.

We're probably not going to see Strasburg until September, but when we do, I expect him to pitch the same and dominate the way he did."

Bill Ladson, Nationals Beat Writer, | BtB Podcast Episode 4

That's a bit more positive than the 2012 predictions we've been hearing.

Make sure and check out the entire interview in this week's BtB Podcast, where Matt and I were joined not only by Bill Ladson, but also Kevin Goldstein, Baseball Prospectus Editor. I picked Kevin's brain about Reds prospects, BP's new writers, and much more. In addition, Matt and I previewed the AL East and shared our opinions and analysis of the Michael Young situation.

Podcast goes live tomorrow 3PM EST / 2PM CST.