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Follow Friday! Take a tweet, leave a tweet~

It's been a few months since we've had a Follow Friday, and our current list is quite a bit different than the last. Make sure and update your BtB follows:

RSS Feed: @BtBScore

Justin: @justinbopp
Satchel: @SatchelPrice
Adam: @baseballtwit
J-Doug: @RationalPastime
Daniel: @CamdenCrazies
Peter: @CapitolAvenue
Josh: @garik16
Jeff: @jeffwzimmerman
Matt: @devil_fingers
Bill: @BillPetti
Chris: @ChrisSpurlock
Mike: @bigmike05
David: @Dave_Gershman
JD: @JDSussman
Lucas: @DBITLefty

While you're at it, make sure and let us know who WE should be following. Leave your @'s in the comment section.