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BtB Week in Review: 2/13 - 2/20

It was a busy week at Beyond the Box Score. We are pleased to announce that J.D. Sussman will be joining us as our newest columnist. Everyone give J.D. a warm BtB welcome! Let's take a look at the work written by the great people we have here as baseball season is finally here:


  • Exactly one week ago, Justin created a spray chart regarding Billy Butler and his odd lack of home-run power.




  • Podcast Episode 5 came out this past Wednesday. Matt Klaassen and myself were joined by Rob Neyer, Ben Nicholson-Smith, as well as our very own Peter Hjort.
  • Lucas Apostoleris discussed how swinging strikes are good for pitchers, but not necessarily bad for hitters.
  • Following a discussion held by Fanhouse's Frankie Pilliere, Satchel talked a little bit about the farm system strategy of the Oakland A's.
  • Justin Bopp graphed the unique home-road splits of Kelly Johnson, concluding that Chase Field helped him out a bunch. This is just me, but I find it hard for Johnson do come close to doing what he did last year.
  • With another one of his amazing databank data dump's, Matt Klaassen tried to determine when 10 runs do not equal a win.



  • Daniel talked about getting to first base the hard way.
  • As Hunter Pence won his arbitration case yesterday, Bill Petti showed us that Hunter Pence fans might need to worry about declining his ISO. He is a very interesting player to say the least.
  • With his amazing pitch f/x tools, garik16 showed the odd case of Derek Lowe.
  • Justin Bopp broke down the hall of fame case for Gary Sheffield, concluding that his career, due to peaks, was very unique.


  • And finally, I rounded up the NL Central current storylines.