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Podcast Episode 3: "And There You Go"


Great news, thanks to Adam Darowski, we finally have an RSS and an iTunes download (which should be available in a few days. For now, the RSS works fine and we hope you enjoy the podcast!

Podcast Features: Dave Gershman and Matt Klaassen

This week featuring extended interviews with:

  • Ted Berg -- of SNY.TV Editor, sandwich officianado, Mets fan, and kaiser roll craver
  • Jim Breen -- of Bernies Crew, the great state of Wisconsin, and future GM

Podcast Also Features:

-Thank you Rob Neyer
-Emails - top 10 free agents on the market?
-Alexei talk
-Minor League deals
-Super Bowl Picks
-and more


Direct Link (mp3)

To suscribe to the Podcast, use this feed Instructions: Go to iTunes and click advanced in the top left corner. Go to suscribe to podcast. Then, paste this link ( in to the open area.

If you would like your questions answered, we encourage you to send them to the BtB Mailbag (

If you have a suggestion (or whatever), you can contact me here