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Going Somewhere? The Beyond the Box Score Travel Guide Has Your Back!


The amount of time (minutes) is the expected time while in car, cab, limo, hot dog truck, or Mystery Machine

Do you ever get that feeling in the middle of the summer that it's just time to get away for a few days? Are you a businessman in the middle of Pittsburgh getting tired of watching your hometown Buccos lose? In the mood to just scavenger the ballparks and cities of America's favorite game? Say no more, as we present you with the Beyond the Box Score Travel Guide (well, something like that).

So let's just assume you need a one day getaway and you know when your favorite pitcher, Rodrigo Lopez, is taking the mound at Turner Field against Felipe Paulino's Rockies. You now know the distance from the airport to the ballpark so you can get back and forth without spending money on a hotel or anything like that. However, if you are looking to stay for a few nights and want to stay in a hotel close to the ballpark...

EDIT: Reagan Airport IS in fact closest to Nationals Park and it is International. Thanks for the advice


If you are staying at a hotel, I assume saving money is a prime incentive. Therefore, walking is best for a tourist

It's really important that you feel comfy and clean in your city of travel. I picked the closest and convenient hotel near your favorite ballpark, which includes everything your heart can possibly desire (kind of). Almost every one of these hotels offer some sort of hospitality whether that be a fitness center, a pool, fine dining, or anything else you desire. The distance from the hotel to ballpark as seen in the graph is in miles (mi). Don't get lost on the way!


Ballparks ordered from smallest amount of seats (top) to most (bottom).

Of course, if you're traveling to a city in which you plan on seeing a game, you want to make the most out of your trip. Let's say Grandma Jemima and Grandfather Pancake live in Manhattan. You plan on going to Citi Field later in the day. What do you do? Figure out if NYC has a train service (I forget the number, but I think there are 5,742 trains/subway cars running in New York at this present time) and then you simply find out how to get from Jemima's to Citi without hassle.


Ballparks ordered from smallest amount of seats (top) to most (bottom).

One thing that I noticed, Upper Deck seat prices set the price trend throughout the ballpark sans bleacher seats. If your upper deck seat prices are X amount, mezzanine and Box seats will be X amount greater. Thus, if you are on a budget and need cheaper seats than most ballpark provide, pick a red box and there you go!

You see, who ever said traveling was a hassle?

A few things to note: I used international airports in the first graph as the distance from the ballpark. As baseball fans and Beyond the Box Score readers come from all over, not everyone can use domestic airports. I wanted to keep the playing field even. For Graph 2, I used the closest but convenient hotel. I did my research on the hotels, and they are all close and comfortable.