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Rob Neyer Joins SB Nation, Becomes Part Of 'Us' Not 'Them'

...but to tell you the truth we wanted to become THEM, not him become US.



Yes, Rob Neyer has joined SB Nation. We are all very excited, proud, and thrilled to be working with someone we all look up to and aspire to be. He is writing for about baseball in general and will bring his particular audience-centric focus that we all love. Here are his initial thoughts:

At my last job, some years ago, I once added something to the comments section below a colleague's story. This colleague, like nearly all of my colleagues, was a real sweetheart of a guy. But even though my comment was innocuous, suggesting that perhaps one posited explanation for a particular phenomenon might have been better than another, I heard through the grapevine that my colleague was unhappy about it.

Without meaning to, over the years I'd annoyed most of my other colleagues ... and nearly all of them with reputations as incredibly nice guys. So I figured it must be me. I hastily e-mailed this particular colleague to apologize.

His response: "Rob, no problem at all. I just thought the comments section was for them, not for us."

You can imagine how that outlook might change how other outlets cover sports, and you can imagine the many problems with that. That's where SB Nation comes in. Read the whole thing HERE. 

Please welcome him with open arms. What a completely exciting moment.