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A Graphic Look at MLB Contracts, the 100 Milli Club


The Winter Meetings rule! Reyes is getting $106M over 6 years, Kemp got re-upped for $160M over 8 years, and looks like Pujols could be next. Taking a look at all the $100+ miilion contracts, there's only been 3 so far that have been better value than the price paid.

Let's take a look at the best and worst contracts of all time, of course, after the jump.

Evan Longoria, by far has the best contract in baseball with a 6 years/$17.5M, and so far, for the $4M the Rays paid from 08-11 has netted them 26.9 WAR. That's staggering. Sadly, due to injury, Ken Griffey Jr's contract with the Reds for $116M was the worst. Looking at Griffey's Fangraphs page for data on the cost the Reds could have paid for identical production in FA, shows that during 2002-2008, the Reds overpaid by $43M.