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A Graphic Look at Redefining Most Valuable


Using sabermetrics, is there a better way to determine the Most Valuable? I know, there's WAR, but taking a look at the winners from 2000-2010, most winners have been leaders in two out of three of the following categories:

-wOBA (weighted on base average)
-RC (runs created)
-ISO (isolated power)

Were there exceptions to the rule? For full-size graphic, click the image or here.

The only exception to this rule was Vladimir Guerrero in 2004, who only lead in Runs Created.

So who got snubbed? The most recent was Miguel Cabrera last year and Manny Ramirez in 2008. I know, it's highly debatable right?

For full-size graphic, click the image or here. See more at or follow me on Twitter @cobradave

Updated: Disregard Derrek Lee in the poll.