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All True Giants Team


This True Team idea is based off of a Twitter conversation with Jason Wojciechowski about True Teams. This past season, Grant Green - a prospect in the Oakland Athletics organization - was moved from shortstop to center field because his defense wasn't good enough. However, Billy Beane told Green that the purpose of this move was that Cliff Pennington was blocking him at short. I snarkily replied that "Cliff Pennington is a True Athletic. Can't move him from short."

We often hear about a player being a True Yankee, but what about the rest of the teams? I'll run through each team in alphabetical order.

Many of the players on these teams will be current players, just because they haven't had the opportunity to go elsewhere just yet. The average amount of current players per team is nine.


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1. The player must have played for the team in question for their entire career, as found by the "C" column in the Franchise Encyclopedia on baseball-reference. The reason for this is simply to make the data gathering process as simple as possible. Unfortunately, this strict rule leads to the omissions of players such as Willie Mays and Hanley Ramirez.

2. Players are ranked based on fWAR for batters and rWAR for pitchers (this is based on the relative ability to gain these values. Plus, pitcher WAR is not available on Fangraphs as far back as it is on baseball-reference.)

3. Pitchers are defined as starting pitchers if they have started more than 60% their career appearances.

4. For hitters, the position they play on the All-True Team may not have been their main position in real life, but they must have played there at some point in their career.

5. If two players are similar in overall WAR, their length of career will be the deciding factor as to which one makes the team.

6. A 25-man roster will be chosen for each team. This includes a starting player for each defensive position, five starting pitchers, five relief pitchers and seven bench players. These bench players will be the seven best remaining players.

7. A Mr. Team may be chosen if their career WAR is greater than 30% of the total All-Team WAR. There will be nine Mr. Teams chosen.


Position Player WAR
C Wes Westrum 17.7
1B Bill Terry 61.1
2B Robby Thompson 29.5
SS Travis Jackson 49.6
3B Jim Davenport 20.7
LF Jo-Jo Moore 19.3
CF Marvin Benard 9.8
RF Mel Ott 116.1
SP Carl Hubbell 64.4
SP Hal Schumacher 27
SP Matt Cain 25
SP Tim Lincecum 23.2
SP Jeff Tesreau 20.4
CL Scott Garrelts 10.1
RP Monty Kennedy 6.8
RP Brian Wilson 6.7
RP Al Smith 5.2
RP Ace Adams 5
BENCH (OF) Mike Tiernan 42.9
BENCH (OF) Ross Youngs 38
BENCH (C) Harry Danning 15.1
BENCH (3B) Pablo Sandoval 14
BENCH (SP) Cliff Melton 12.5
BENCH (IF) Bill Rigney 8.8
BENCH (SP) Noah Lowry 7.5


Team Established: 1883

Total Team WAR: 656.4

Total WAR Rank: 6/30 teams

Mr. Giant: N/A. The player with the most WAR is Mel Ott, who only has 17.7% of the team WAR.

Team MVP:  Mel Ott, 116.1 WAR.

Number of Active Players: 4. This is the five fewer than the average for all true teams.

Players That Just Missed (90% of Career on Team):  Willie Mays (96.1% of PA, 160.6 WAR as Giant), Larry Doyle (92% of PA, 53.8 WAR as Giant), Christy Mathewson (99.8% of IP, 88.2 WAR as Giant), Juan Marichal (98.2% of IP, 64.7 WAR as Giant), Gary Lavelle (90.4% of IP, 18.5 WAR as Giant), Hooks Wiltse (97.2% of IP, 25.6 WAR as Giant)

I know, I know. Willie Mays. He's the definition of a True Giant. Unfortunately, the fact that he went to the Mets removed him from consideration here, due only to the ability to mine the data. Interestingly enough, Willie McCovey comes in below the 90% plate appearance threshold.

Even without all of the hall of fame players, this team still comes in as the sixth best, just two behind the Dodgers.

There won't be many conclusions drawn here, but feel free to discuss this team in the comments. Anyone I missed, any surprises, any memories of specific players?

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