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World Series Game 7 Pitching Factoids

There is nothing quite like a World Series game 7. To get you ready I thought I would throw a few pitching factoids out there, courtesy of the indispensable Baseball-Reference Play Index:

Greatest Game Score in a Game 7? Sandy Koufax in 1965 (88)

Worst Game Score in a Game 7? Smokey Joe Wood in 1912 (15)

Greatest Game score in a Game 7 loss? Mike Cuellar in 1971 (72)

Last pitcher to win a Game 7 in the World Series? John Lackey in 2002

Pitcher with the most Game 7 appearances? Bob Turley and Bob Gibson (3). Gibson started all three games (most all time).

Most intentional walks issued by a team in a Game 7? Atlanta in 1991 (4)

Starting pitcher with the fewest strikeouts during a Game 7 win? Joaquin Andujar in 1982 (1, tied with four others)

Starting pitcher with the most walks in a Game 7 win? Jesse Haines in 1926 (5, tied with two others)

Fewest basrunners allowed by a starting pitcher in a Game 7 win? Ralph Terry in 1962 (4)

Most baserunners allowed by a starting pitcher in a Game 7 win? Jeff Tesreau in 1912 (17)

Most runners picked off in a Game 7? Mickey Lolich in 1968 (2)

Fewest innings pitched by a starter in Game 7? Hank Borowy in 1945 (didn't record a single out--faced three batters, all reached with singles). And you thought LaRussa had a quick hook! Also, last Cubs pitcher to win a World Series game.

Only Game 7 in history where both team's starting pitchers threw at least 9 innings? 1968, Tigers 4 St. Louis 1. Both starters went the full nine innings.

Most total bases allowed in a Game 7 win? Pittsburgh Pirates in 1960 (20 to the Yankees)