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BtBWAA Awards: NL Rookie of the Year: Craig Kimbrel

At the end of the season, 11 Beyond the Box Score writers held our own vote for the most important annual MLB awards. We kicked off the 2011 BtBWAA awards results last week by naming Alex Anthopoulos our MLB Executive of the Year. This week, we're moving on to the Rookies of the Year—we announced that Michael Pineda was the AL's top gumshoe on Tuesday, and the NL results are a couple inches down on your screen.

As with the real RoY voting, each writer picked their top three players, and votes were scored on a 5-3-1 scale. Here are the top finishers: (number of first-place votes in parentheses)

1. Craig Kimbrel, Braves — 41 (7)
2. Danny Espinosa, Nationals — 25 (2)
3. Brandon Beachy, Braves — 14 (2)

Full results after the jump.

4. Wilson Ramos, Nationals — 8
T5. Freddie Freeman, Braves — 3
T5. Vance Worley, Phillies — 3
T7. Josh Collmenter, Diamondbacks — 1
T7. Allen Craig, Cardinals — 1

Aside from the fact that Craig, who does not have rookie eligibility, got a vote (at least he didn't get a first-place vote like Alexi Ogando did), I think we did pretty well. I voted for Kimbrel, Beachy, and Espinosa, in that order, so I can't really complain.

And, before you ask: just because the Braves got more points than the other 15 NL teams combined doesn't mean we writers are conspiring to make Atlanta look good. That would be ridiculous. There is, however, a conspiracy to help Seattle. That one's legit.

Cy Young results to come next week.