My First Scoresheet League

I'm giving Scoresheet Baseball a shot for the first time, having been invited to join the BP Kings league. I don't really know what I'm doing (if other league members are reading this, that statement is totally meant to throw you off your game) but it sounds like a pretty cool fantasy format.

The rules get complex fast, but basically it's an in-season simulation league. Defense matters, lineups "matter", and games are simulated based on 2011 player performance, which is different from something like Strat-o-matic. It's a keeper league with 24 teams (yes, 24) and the dispersal draft starts Monday. So, uh, help me, please.

For the main draft, each team will be able to keep up to ten players, costing them, in succession, their 1st through 10th 2011 picks. An unlimited number of rookies can be kept, costing their teams one draft pick each starting at the end of the 35 round draft and moving forward. I would imagine some teams will keep less than ten players, hoping to nab one of the top non-kept players with a pre-11th round pick.

Six teams have new owners for 2011, so those teams' rosters get thrown into a pool and we hold a dispersal draft to determine our rosters that we pick our keepers from. This dispersal draft starts on Monday, and I have the fifth pick (snake draft). I'll post the full list of available players in the comments, but here's a quick look at the top guys available, in my opinion:

- Utley,Ch
- Wainwright,Ad
- Heyward,Ja
- Rodriguez,Al
- Cruz,Ne
- Oswalt,Ro
- Pena,Ca
- Sanchez,Jo
- Burnett,AJ
- Martinez,Vi
- Garcia,Ja
- Smoak,Ju
- Kemp,Ma
- Ethier,An
- Howard,Ry
- Zobrist,Be
- Granderson,Cu
- Vazquez,Ja
- Jeter,De
- Myers,Br
- Lilly,Te
- Alvarez,Pe
- Dempster,Ry
- Hudson,Da
- Figgins,Ca
- Brown,Do (Rookie)
- Hardy,JJ
- Lind,Ad

My initial reaction is that there are two premier players available, Chase Utley (best player) and Jason Heyward (long term dominance) . After that, there are a hoard of guys with similar value. The bad news is that I have the fifth pick in the dispersal draft. I've put out feelers to trade up to the first or second pick. We'll see. Do you think it's worth it? Who would your top 5-10 guys be? Any obvious tiers?

I've also received interest to trade the fifth or eight pick to a veteran of the league. His main trade chips include:

- Johan
- Westbrook
- Phillips
- Rollins
- Aramis
- C. Young
- Victorino
- Quentin

- Britton
- Turner
- Montgomery
- M. Perez
- M. Moore
- Alex Torres
- Dwyer
- Cosart
- Archer
- Keyvius Sampson
- Kimbrel
- Mesoraco
- Gyorko
- Franklin
- Profar
- Tate

None of those guys are worth a top eight pick on their own, but but if I could get 2-3 of them plus some rookies, it might be worth it. Ideas? Who do you like the best from each list?

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