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Neyer Leaves ESPN, But Let Us Not Weep

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Every New Beginning Comes from Some Other Beginning's End

You've no doubt heard by now that Rob Neyer is leaving ESPN, and you've no doubt heard a lot of the speculation about his next destination.

A saber-slanted community such as Beyond the Box Score would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge the impact that Rob Neyer had on us, not only in the many kind links sending traffic our direction (which were most assuredly appreciated and will never be forgotten by many of the writers who can now cross "have something appear within three clicks of the front page of ESPN" off their bucket lists), but also for the foundation he laid to introduce the art and science of sabermetrics to a more mainstream audience. That impact simply cannot be measured, and you must know how hard that must be for a site which focuses on data and measurement to admit that.

But rather than fuel further speculation or repeat the thousands of kind words written about him, I'd prefer to do something a bit different.

Tonight, in "Neyer is gone from ESPN" honor, let's submit our living memories of how he impacted us individually, what we can learn from his time at ESPN, and what that means to us.


Mine is kinda meta, so I'll put it in the comments section. Please do the same for your own thoughts about how Neyer brought you into the sabermetric fold.