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Batter Regress Tool Updated with xBABIP and more Players


After some great comments and suggestions I've updated the Batter Regress Tool (original can be found here)--again, best viewed in wide format. The tool now incorporates xBABIP for 2010 and a player's 3-year average for 2007-2009. Additionally, the tool now includes all batters that had >=100 plate appearances in 2010.

A quick word:

This tool makes a simple extrapolation of what a player's wOBA would be if their BABIP or K% were altered--it assumes that a player would have had the same distribution of hits (e.g. % of singles, doubles, triples, home runs) during the 2010 season. To really understand if a player is poised to rebound or decline in 2011 you have to look at other measures in order to get a complete picture. An abnormally high or low BABIP could simply be the result of luck, or it could be a symptom of some other problem--i.e. aging, injury, skill decline.

I've embedded an interactive version of the tool below the fold (takes a few seconds to load).