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Fun With Ballparks: The Stadium Shape Up


Since the spring semester started up last Tuesday, I've been pretty swamped with work. So, I thought I would make something simple and fun (read: not as time-consuming as those pesky interactive graphics) for this week. It's inspired by some of the great work Craig Robinson is doing over at Flip Flop Fly Ball. If you love baseball infographics and you haven't yet checked out Craig's work, you need to get on it. Anyway, like I said, this one is basic, but it's pretty to look at.

My favorite thing about the image is that the final result of the semi-trasparent overlays gives you some idea of the average/standard shape of an MLB stadium. Thoughts? 

Note: All stadiums placed such that home plate is in the same location on each field. If anyone would like to see the numbers and play with them, the spreadsheet I used to calculate averages is here