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Podcast Episode 1: "Ontario, That Small Town in Toronto"


Note: This random short story is a joke based on my accidental claim that Matt is currently in Ontario, Toronto. It's also about the podcast. Sort of.

Way back in the early days, say 1322, the pre-Christopher Columbus era featured many interesting yet strange features on this great planet that we call "Earth". Crossing the waters of now, Lake Ontario, the country of Toronto never seemed so small. However, Phillip and Yuni were better suited after they ran in to eskimos who were listening to "Ontario, That Small Town in Toronto." You see, Dave Gershman gave off false information when proclaiming that BtB's (then Beyond the Stone Score) podcast featured Matt Klaassen, a baseball genius living in the city of Ontario, Toronto. However, Dave was wrong about the location part. Thus, the eskimos had to convince the two brothers that Dave's Toronto information was ever so false. Despite that, the Eskimos invited Phillip and Yuni in to have some coffee and Dunkin Dounuts Munchkins in their Igloo, where the party listened to Dave and Matt discuss the Pujols situation, the Dodgers platoon, as well as interviewing Royals prospect, Cam Conner. Despite sitting in the cold weather, the magnificent tunes and sound waves of this podcast quickly provided as a heater for the Eskimos and brothers. However, the treacherous weather conditions quickly burned the Igloo down. No one was hurt though. Nevertheless, the encounter created a lifelong bond that would remain until their land was overtaken by a great group of people who quickly named the country, Canada. It remains the same today.

And with that, we bring you episode 1 of the BtB Podcast!


Podcast features:

-Dave Gershman and Matt Klaassen nervous as ever, trying to do our best to get our points out there
-Emails: Pujols situation, long term deals for relievers, Royals
-Dodgers platoon
-Brewers up the middle defense
-Jon Rauch and Octavio Dotel
-Gil Meche
-Interview with Royals prospect Cam Conner
-Ballpark talk
-Fun stuff

We are unable to host the podcast on BtB, but 612 Sports' Dez Tobin was kind enough to host it for us. It will be on 612 Sports everytime we have a new podcast. However, we will provide you with a link to the podcast whenever we have a new episode. Until Episode 5, we will not have our podcasts on iTunes, but until then, you can download them to your iPod or your computer from 612.

If you would like your questions answered, we encourage you to send them to the BtB Mailbag (

If you have any suggestions, you can shoot me an email here.