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How did Tampa Win 47 Games on the Road in 2010?


By not being too adversly affected by road conditons, of course.


1. I made one of these earlier in the year with a partial set of data for the Mets. See it HERE.

2. What's Jaso doing on the road that he's not at home? A +.115 split between home and away?

3. Supposed lineup determined by ESPN appearances-in-lineup data combined with FG PA data.

4. Yes, I realize that pitching may have had something to do with how the Rays won 47 road games in 2010.

5. Man, that 2-3-4-5 is awesome.

6. In addition to Jaso, Zobrist and Crawford were also better on the road than at home.

7. I think Crawford will be missed. Pena? Maybe not as much.

8. Tampa Bay had MLB's best road record this year with 47 wins. San Diego had 45, and San Fran, Philly, CWS, Boston, and NYY all had 43.