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BtB Podcast Coming Soon!

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After lots of hard work, Beyond the Box Score is finally starting a podcast! Chances are we won't have one up until the next week or so, but we are really excited about this and hope everyone enjoys listening!

The Podcast will include:

  • Interviews (special guests including players, writers, and other baseball personnel)
  • Sabermetric talk
  • Analysis
  • Previews
  • Prospect discussions
  • Draft
  • Answering mail
  • General baseball Topics

We will be answering some questions every week out of the Beyond the Box Score Mailbag so please continue to send questions in.

Thanks to, our podcast will be hosted on their site as well as iTunes. There will plenty of links once the podcast is up. If you have any suggestions, please contact one of us or write to the BtB mailbag.

ed. note: Dr. Dre not included.