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This Week In The AL West

To those of you who consider this a highlight of your week, I apologize for getting it to you a tad late. The AL West teams are almost done playing each other until the end of the season, meaning the A's and Angels will have to make up ground on the Rangers against common opponents, rather than head-to-head, for the last couple of weeks to matter.

To prepare you, I've got you some information on each squad in the division, as written by the brightest baseball minds the internet has to offer. Read on!

Texas Rangers (62-45)

Baseball Time In Arlington: The Unstoppable Cliff Lee Part II

Cliff Lee set a career high against the A's with 13 strikeouts (and had no walks and also no decision). After the game, Joey Matschulat had the break down of how great the performance was.

SB Nation Dallas-Ft. Worth: Quick Take -- Cantu To The Rangers

The Rangers had a busy July in the way of deals, including the acquisition of Jorge Cantu. I put up a quick reaction for SB Nation DFW to how he'll fit in for Texas.

FanGraphs: Cristian Guzman To The Rangers

In yet another move, the Rangers grabbed Cristian Guzman to fill in at second base and then provide utility depth once Ian Kinsler returns from the DL. Pat Andriola discusses what Guzman brings to Arlington.

The Biz Of Baseball: Greenberg-Ryan Win Texas Rangers Auction After Cuban-Crane Concede

The biggest news of the Rangers' week, however, came in the wee hours of morning, today, when their arduous sale process seemed to finally reach its end. Nolan Ryan and Chuck Greenberg could be owners by the 12th.

Oakland Athletics (54-53) Sheets To Undergo Surgery Next Week

The A's risky signing of Ben Sheets has apparently met its end, as he's suffered a torn flexor tendon. Will Carroll says it may be career ending.

Athletics Nation: Going Free Agent Shopping?

Danmerqury looks at how much money will be coming off the books for the A's this off-season and starts a discussion about interesting veteran free agent targets for the off season.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (54-55)

FanGraphs: Torii Hunter, Right Fielder

Perhaps giving some credence to his mediocre defensive metrics in center, the Angels have moved Torii Hunter to right field in order to make room for upcoming Peter Bourjos. Dave Cameron discusses the thought process.

Halos Heaven: The New-Look Angels Rotation

It must be nice when your team is down but not completely out to make a move that helps both your present and future at the deadline. Nate Proctor is sure excited about Dan Haren. I don't blame him.

FanGraphs: Blinking Bourjos (with Erik Manning)

As mentioned, the Angels have called up Bourjos. Carson Cistulli and Erik Manning talk about the move. There's some interesting data in there on just how good his defense has been in the minors.

Seattle Mariners (40-68)

U.S.S. Mariner: A Run At History

Marc W briefly hits on how historically bad Ryan Rowland-Smith has been this season, and talks about why and what it means when a fan favorite struggles.

My Northwest: Don't Give Up On Justin Smoak

Since being traded for Cliff Lee. Justin Smoak has gone from unlucky to bad. It's still a small sample, of course, and Cameron guests for the blog of a local radio show's blog to point out other players who also struggled early on.

Lookout Landing: Why Evaluating Starts Can Be Hard

I think Jeff has a good lesson here, pointing out the issues that can make judging how well someone pitched in a game by his stat line just about impossible at times.

Lookout Landing: July Report Card -- Position Players

Lookout Landing has the first part of their July report cards for the team up. In the entirety of July, just two Mariners were above average offensively. Two! And one of them by less than a run.