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The Low End of the Major Milestones


I've been hearing quite a bit about milestones lately and how they just don't mean as much anymore. So I figured I'd take a look at some of the big milestones and see who ranks the lowest in that group, by Rally's WAR (courtesy of Baseball-Reference).

3000 Hits

Name Hits WAR
Lou Brock 3023 39.1
Dave Winfield 3110 59.7
Rafael Palmeiro 3020 66.0
Craig Biggio 3060 66.2
Eddie Murray 3255 66.7

Lou Brock is the lowest—and by a lot. Heck, his WAR is even lower than Jim Rice. And he wasn't even feared as much as Jim Rice!

500 Home Runs

Name Home Runs WAR
Sammy Sosa 609 59.7
Harmon Killebrew 573 61.1
Mark McGwire 583 63.1
Gary Sheffield 509 63.3
Ernie Banks 512 64.4

There's no Lou Brock on this list. These guys were all legit monsters. Sure the 500 Home Run club has grown lately. But it's welcomed some of the greatest power hitters of all time.

300 Wins

Name Wins WAR
Early Wynn 300 52.0
Mickey Welch 307 56.5
Tom Glavine 305 67.0
Pud Galvin 365 70.5
Don Sutton 324 70.8

Wynn also has the lowest ERA+ of the group (107). Worth noting is that only 78 pitchers in history have 50+ WAR (Andy Pettitte just joined the group) while 168 position players have accomplished the feat.

3000 Strikeouts

Name Strikeouts WAR
John Smoltz 3084 63.9
Curt Schilling 3116 69.7
Don Sutton 3574 70.8
Pedro Martinez 3154 75.9
Fergie Jenkins 3192 81.3

Only 16 players in history have done this, and this is an incredibly exclusive group. Each of these pitchers is among the top 38 all time by WAR.

300 Saves

Name Saves WAR
Todd Jones 319 11.1
Jose Mesa 321 11.4
Randy Myers 347 16.9
Robb Nen 314 17.0
Troy Percival 358 18.1

Remember when 300 saves was a big deal? If there's one milestone that's been cheapened, it's this one. Also, if pitchers have lower WAR compared with hitters, relief pitchers are even lower. It's tough to pick up value an inning at a time. Especially when you threw 1549 innings with an ERA+ of 101 (like Mesa did).

So what's your view on milestones?