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Open All-Star Game Chat

Like the title says, let's doing some chatting during the All-Star Game tonight.  It's a good time to reflect on the first half of the season, compare expectations of the second half, and see how the best pitchers in the game choose to attack the best hitters in the game.

If you've done any pitch f/x analysis on last night's Home Run Derby or Celebrity Softball Game, you can post that here, too.

Lastly, during the ASG tonight I'm going to be involved in an SBN blogger chat via BlackBerry (and sponsored by Blackberry). BB sent me a Curve to use and I've been having fun fiddling around with the thing (it's my first smart phone). The transcript of the chat will be posted here tomorrow, chalked full of interesting stuff from some of SBN's best bloggers outside of DRB:

Eric Stephen - True Blue LA
Adam Morris - Lone Star Ball
Jeff Sullivan - Lookout Landing
Will McDonald - Royals Review
Eric Simon - Amazin' Avenue