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SaberCard 2.0: A Baseball Card for Stat Geeks

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Graph of the Day

Last week, I introduced the concept of a SaberCard—a concept of what an ideal baseball card might look like to us stat geeks. You guys left a ton of comments (great ones!), and with a ton of help from Sky, Justin, and my pal cmuzyka I got cracking on SaberCard 2.0.

In yesterday's post about the #5 to #10 best players of the next five years, a "beta" of SaberCard 2.0 was introduced (it was a Ryan Zimmerman card). Today, I have the "official" SaberCard 2.0 design. As always, I'm very open to feedback and look forward to bringing this to 3.0.

Today I give you Dustin Pedroia's SaberCard:



(click to enlarge)

After the jump, you can see the front and back as separate images, as well as the final Ryan Zimmerman card.

Pedroia front and back (image on front by Keith Allison on Flickr):

Pedroia-front_small Pedroia-back_small

Zimmerman front and back (image on front by dbking on Flickr):

Zimmerman-front_small Zimmerman_small