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This Week in the AL West

Thanks to a useless sweep to end the season, Stephen Strasburg did NOT debut in this division this week. So all of this information will be relatively boring to you. Sorry. What we do have, though, is some recapping of this year's draft for each team. As an aside, if memory serves, this is the third straight week the Rangers are in first by gaining a percentage-points lead as I put this post together. Onwards!

The first two links are both FanGraphs and not team-specific, by the way. Forgive me if you're already an avid FG reader; you can just go to the jump.

The Division at Large

FanGraphs: The Ones that Got Away

Relevant to the draft going on the last couple days, R.J. has a rundown on the best previous un-signed draft picks from the teams in the AL West.

FanGraphs: The American League West's Worst No. 2 Hitters

Joe Pawlikowski takes a look at poor hitters being put in one of the most important spots in the line-up. Both the Mariners and the Angels put suspects on this list.

Texas Rangers (31-27)

Baseball Time in Arlington: Fastball/Slizer/Split: The Future of the Rangers' Bullpen

The Rangers are second in the American League in relief innings pitched (behind Oakland), so the unit will probably need help by season's end. David Brown looks at the wealth of options sitting in the minor league system.

Lone Star Ball: 54/162 = 1/3

User Telegraph takes a very (very) extensive, sabermetric-assisted look at how the entire Rangers' team has performed at the 1/3rd pole this season, and comes away optimistic of how they'll do going forward.

Baseball Time in Arlington: Texas Rangers Day One MLB Draft Recap -- The Year of Signability

Joey Matschulat has your recap of how Texas did in day one of the draft, including a thorough glance at each of the four players taken. Most are considering it an underwhelming haul forced by ownership turmoil.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (32-29)

FanGraphs: Jered Weaver's K Rate

David Golebiewski notes Jered Weaver's K rate this season has skyrocketed to 9.87, vs. a 7.32 career and looks at what he's doing differently to get there. Of course, this link was a jinx as Weaver had a pretty rough night Tuesday.

Halo Hangout: To Trade or Not to Trade

Nate Procter apparently came under some fire from his readers for believing the Angels have too many holes elsewhere to make a trade to replace Kendry Morales. Like a good blogger, he backs himself up with data.

Halo's Heaven: Pythago-paddin

Rally himself stops by Halo's Heaven to show what a difference a series can make. The Angels recent beat-down of the Mariners alone was worth FOUR pythagorean wins.

Angels Win Blog: Angels Select Kaleb Cowart in the First Round

Chuck Richter provides all the information you could want on the Angels No. 1 pick, the two-way star Kaleb Cowart. Which way is he going to go, you think? Third base (or another position) or pitcher?

Oakland Athletics (31-29)

Athletics Nation: Oakland Athletics Week by Week #3 Shortstop

RealBaseBallProspective of the Athletics Nation breaks down the disappointing season of Cliff Pennington after a hot start, and looks at the A's future at shortstop.

San Francisco Chronicle: Anderson Back on DL, Yet Relieved

In sad news, Brett Anderson is now on the Disabled List for the year, though the damage is apparently not as bad as he expected. This is a 22-year old kid who'd already put up 1.2 WAR after a brilliant rookie campaign. Rough.

Athletics Nation: Your Shiny New Outfielder, Michael Choice

Here's Athletics Nation with some info on their first round pick, outfielder Michael Choice.

Seattle Mariners (23-35)

FanGraphs: More on Ken Griffey Jr

Jack Moore has the best requisite statistical look back on Griffey's career you'll find. Jeff Sullivan and Marc W have more personal memories from the outlook of fans.

Lookout Landing: Draft Thread, Round 1 + Compensation Round

Lookout Landing has a thorough lowdown and collection of scouting reports on first round pick Taijuan Walker.

Lookout Landing: May Report Card -- Pitchers

Matthew Carruth has a full report card and anlysis on the Mariners' pitching staff in May. In case you've missed it, Cliff Lee has been ridiculous.